Dogs & Tequila

Good morning! We had coffee in the garden, and I had my cracks with peanut butter. I went to buy alcohol today, to celebrate the first day of drinking after the non-drinking February. I hate

Good morning! We had coffee in the garden, and I had my cracks with peanut butter.

I went to buy alcohol today, to celebrate the first day of drinking after the non-drinking February. I hate non-drinking. So that’s why I can’t become an alcoholic, since they cannot drink anymore. I’d hate such a change of life! So now I’ve changed only February. And today I’m buying boooze 🙂

Our street.

A neighbour’s house.

3 euros for peanut butter beer. Mmm … yes 🙂

But first, we’re going hiking! The dogz are driving the car, of course. Carmen is just having her hands on the wheel in case the police come filming. Tijuana style.

Napoleon is the father. Not my favourite, who is the mother, Lula. The other humans say that Lula is aggressive, but I’ve never seen that. She needs a lot of love, and she gets it from me. Although, currently, I’m with her husband Napoleon, because he is the self-proclaimed leader of the flock and want to sit in the front window and tell us where to go.

He loses a lot of hair though. A LOT OF hair. I’m becoming looking like him.

These dogs love their human. When she leaves the car, they are all like “where you going where you going where you going we want to go with you wherever it is!!!”

And off we go! Carmen is having the three smaller dogs, while Chilling is having Napoleon. And Chilling is my nickname though. I can’t separate between CH and Q. Maybe his name is Qiuling. But I love Chilling. He’s just chilling with Napoleon now.

I trekked once before, in Argentina. That turned into eight hours of climbing snowy mountains. So I’m ready for everything!

Taking pictures of the dogz!

800 kilos of hamburgers farting us extinct. We’re a suicidal species! Just enjoy it.

Here we have dammed up some forest in order to create carbon-neutral energy.

Trying to take a picture of the dogz.

This is us, the brave mountain climbers!

Going back. We talked a bit about the environment. Chilling says that producing plastic containers makes a lot of families being alive. This is why I think that we should already now separate work from income. Of course you should get more if you work more, but if you have no job – because no one buys your plastic shit – then you should still have an income! Which is paid by green taxes of course.

On the way back, Napoleon is still the master, sitting in our front seat. Because of his experienced eyes, we found our home!

Back home, I took a shower and then discovered the house. On the top floor, I found an Australian girl perfecting her photography portfolio. And I found this secret door, looking like a shelf, leading into this secret room.

All the dogs are sleeping, next to the computer gamer.

I’m dressed as a Mexican housewife today, and cutting these leeks.

But Carmen and Chilling were so perfect in the kitchen that they hardly needed my help. But good thing is that Napoleon showed up and needed some love. Napoleon and I are such a kitchen team. People are calling from all over the world to get our skillz to attendize their dishez and we approve 10 perzent of them with a short answerz.




Dinner time! Chinese omelette, Chinese fried broccoli, and Chinese chicken.

Watching TV with the dog parents. Napoleon, the dad, gets a bit cold, so he loves to lie with a blanket.

Dogs and tequila!

You have to take a picture of everything, or you will forget it!

I’ll never forget this night, ever.

I wanted to go out in Santa Barbara, but they all stayed inside. So I took an Uber to a bar and found this retired American. With a pension of 1400 USD/month, he finds it a lot cheaper to hang out at the Mexican part of the border.

After two beers, all the tequila started to make me a bit drunk as hell, so I took an Uber home. Back home, my key didn’t open the door. It opened the bar, but there was another lock there, that I had no key for. So I climbed up in a tree, and from there made it to the wall, and sunk myself down on the inside. Only the computer game player was awake, and he noticed nothing. I love ending my nights with a good old robbery! Although I only stole my bed for a night.

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