Goodbye Sucre!

Today I walked from the city centre to the bus station to buy me a ticket to La Paz. La Paz is at 4000 meters above the sea, which is even higher than Uyuni. But

Today I walked from the city centre to the bus station to buy me a ticket to La Paz.

La Paz is at 4000 meters above the sea, which is even higher than Uyuni.

But I hope that my four days of resting at 2800 meters should have made me used to being high up.

There is a hill between the city centre and the bus station, and I’ve walked north of it and south of it.

Today I decided to walk right over it!

Tons of stairs, and lots of blind alleys. I’m not sure I recommend it.

It felt a tiny bit unsafe, and all the stairs really killed me. Walking at 2800 meters is like being 10 years older. Or 20. Like a time machine only giving you the bad parts.

But the view was fantastic!

Karaoke and discotek! Why haven’t I seen this before? Damn.

At the bus station, there were like at least 20 various bus companies. And going by bus is a little bit dangerous actually. Rules and regulations present in other Latin American countries simply don’t exist here. Many drivers drink, and there are no toilets etc. But the only company I remembered as recommended, was closed and had this sign. I didn’t understand it. To translate it, and find other recommendations, I went back to my old hotel, where they were nice enough to let me use Internet for free. Although stressing me a little bit with the most damp kid ever. Anyway, I got a ticket from another company, and walked home.

This combination of houses is so extremely beautiful. And the beauty comes from the variation, which comes from how these are built by different persons through different periods. Any Stockholm suburb would be exactly this beautiful, if we kept the old buildings, and filled the spots with new ones. Made in tree etc. For that to happen, we need to stop locals from opposing it. Because opposing locals, “Nimbys”, are very bad for the future of our planet (because they increase transportation pollution) and must thus be fought. In the name of the planet, in the name of the human home! We simply need this beauty to survive.

Here two cats are using a construction plot for some proliferation.

Afterwards, the female is cleaning herself, while the man is not. Jesus, is there a single animal out there where the man is not the asshole? Maybe that spider where the female eats the male after copulating? I understand the feeling though. “Aaaahhh … you can eat me now.”

Had lunch in El Germen. Spaghetti is hardly the best thing ever, I agree. But it’s our last day today 🙁 And it was homemade! With broccoli inside the spaghetti! And the Austrians came to eat cake and say goodbye. Auf Wiedersehen!

I took a taxi back to the bus. It felt a bit unnecessary, as I hate cars etc. But with the backpack and all, I felt I needed the rest because of the altitude. And the taxi ride was so exciting, with steep slopes, and buses almost crashing into us.

Waiting for the bus.
They’re handing boxes down with rope.

From one of the most recommended bus companies, I bought the most expensive bed ticket for 23 euro, meaning that I got a room in the corner that was mine, MINE. With a short luggage trolley between me and the seat next to me. Where, after two hours, we got an Indian woman sitting. I didn’t see that corner when booking my ticket :/ I guess the driver simply picked up people as he felt like while travelling, getting a few extra pesos. It’s good for the environment actually. But then, she is sitting right next to me, with her legs on MY leg rest. Just a few centimetres from my money and my computer … But the environment. Money and computer. Environment. Money and zzzzz

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