Iguaçu falls

I took bus 120 from Foz do Iguaçu to the waterfalls. 4 reals, 40 minutes. More and more tourists joined. It cost 70 real and there was an enormous queue. I could have walked to

On the way from the hostel to the bus. “Hunger for knowledge”. What’s on the other side?

I took bus 120 from Foz do Iguaçu to the waterfalls. 4 reals, 40 minutes. More and more tourists joined.

Map of the falls, seen from the Brazil side.
The probability of someone in here having snus is 23%.

It cost 70 real and there was an enormous queue.

After 40 minutes queuing they showed pictures of the falls!
After 60 minutes queuing we got to see the buzes.

I could have walked to the falls during these 70 minutes. But no one did. And I like to be in a herd of people. Despite all shit that humans do, humans are still my favourite species. I even like them more than cats!

Entering the forest!
The falls existed!
An animal! A coati looking for food.

What I like most about waterfalls is the lake between the falls. If safe enough, I’d love to live there forever! Or at least an hour.

I’m glad for not taking the boat. So wet!
My face in front of the main part … the Devil’s Throat!
The bird in the middle must be one of the most photographed ever. Does he care?

Here’s a place where the water is falling down in every direction. Do you see the tiny little bush in the middle? That’s where many environmentalists think that the planet is, in the middle of the human water fall. But it’s not. The planet is doing good. Some ecosystems are crashed, but new are getting formed. Millions of years from now, the planet will be better than ever. So the bush is not the planet – the bush is us. And we’re also the waterfall. So we’re simply pissing on ourselves. I’d love if we could stop doing that, since we’re a species packed with emotions that I can relate too.

Not jumping out! Do you see the rainbow? They’re everywhere!
Rainbows, rainbows, rainbows.
Devil’s Throat. This is three times the water of the Niagara falls.
I hate heights, but believe in steel.
Big red whatever.

And there was lunch, with a view of the river before the falls. As much as you could eat! I ate enough to last me a 24 hours. Nom, nom!

Do you see the little flag in the middle? On the other side is Argentina. Brazil and Argentina are packed in conflicts. Who is better on football? Which has the better economy? Which side is best for watching the Iguaçu falls? Well, for me, the Brazil side was good enough. But then again, I hate nature. If I’d choose an hour of my life and relive it in all eternity, I’d choose a Japanese karaoke place at 4 to 5 in the morning. The only plant in there would be a bonsai thing drenched in alcohol and snus-spit. The only non-human animal would be a cat. A deaf cat of course, because of the noise. Like the inbred son my cat Santos made with his sister.

Looking for souvenirs that show her love of God.
120 back to the city. The hand is handling a prayer bead, and the woman prayed silently.

Came back to the hostel and went to bed without dinner. That lunch really packed itself!

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