Nineteen in Naples

I don’t know how this happened, but as we laid in bed with our coffee and milk I somehow agreed to spend the whole day on the back of Jonas’ motorbike. The disadvantage is that

Getting milk in the morning
Getting milk in the morning 2
Good morning Jonas! How’s the coffee? Lovely.
Jonas in front of his church.
Today is another day with this good old Kawasaki (ridden 76,000 km, almost twice the planet)

I don’t know how this happened, but as we laid in bed with our coffee and milk I somehow agreed to spend the whole day on the back of Jonas’ motorbike. The disadvantage is that I couldn’t take pictures since I spent the whole day clinging my hands to small metal pipes while keeping my feet on rods and the back straight, trying to not do anything at all no matter all the cars, motorbikes and pedestrians that moved around me as we pushed forward. But Google has, so you can “travel” the route yourself if you feel like: (yes, the Southern route). But I’d summarize it as extremely beautiful and interesting. Big medieval houses with small churches, lots of mixture of centuries, everything packed right next to each other like fishes in a tin. The most beautiful house was of course this castle, here showed with a Wikipedia picture:

Castel Nuovo (New Castle), since it’s “only” from 1282

It looked a lot better in real life of course. You wanted your old Lego back. It was built by Charles I of Anjou in 1282, after he had defeated the Hohenstaufens, who in turn had defeated the Normans. The Normans were the old Danes of Northern France, who had come here. So in a way, Jonas is just following an old tradition, escaping his home because of competition, but now selling software instead of sword edge.

View from Parco Vigiliano

Then we had a soda and talked about life. And after that, museum:

It was a about art during the Bourbon rule (1734-1860).

The masks above made us think about or good, common friend Petter Madegård. Here’s an old image of Commedia dell’arte masks he made:

Commedia masks

Here’s me and Petter trying some masks out:

Me, Petter, Urkilg and Arbraw in 2007
Back to 2019, here’s Greek things from the past.
During Napoleon times, he took home Egyptian goods which inspired Napolian art.
The rich merchants imported stuff from China to sell and impress each other with.
Do you remember Parco Virgiliano that we took the motorbike to? It’s up there!
Metoo in 1780s. They wrote so much about wigs but nothing about this one.
Catch 22: So hungry he can’t even read the menu.
I started with a rice ball to get my mind working.
Marinara – the original

You all know that pizza is from Italy, but it’s actually from Naples! And here is an original Marinara with tomato sauce made by tomatoes, basil, oregano and garlic on perfect bread. A very tasty vegan piece of history! Although I would prefer the later developed super-thin Swedish pizza packed with zucchini, olives etc.

Jonas got all kinds of lovely stuff.
No tiramisu though, but the next place had it. Lovely!
Then we found a club.
We took it seriously.
Bad picture, but these two are talking through sign language. So practical!
Just a normal Sunday in Jonas’ life.
Untz untz untz

Being Swedish means a lot of things. It’s not just welfare, hockey, snus and board games. When they play ABBA, you must go on stage and reprezent.

Voules-vouz …
Aha! nomninomninomnom Aha!

A guy asked about my age and I said I was 39 and he was like “oh, I thought you were 29”. I loved it. Then I realized that everyone in there were around 19 years old. It turns out that adults in Napoli prefer to party by having dinners, dressed up in old houses. I don’t know how I’d handle that. But it’s OK since I don’t live here. Although I got very tempted. It’s been lovely here!

Weird art wall on the way home.

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