Two types of environmentalists

Type no 1: 1) Find out what is best for the environment 2) Try to do it (some do), and shame those who don’t 3) Watch the planet burn But in order to not watch

Type no 1:

1) Find out what is best for the environment

2) Try to do it (some do), and shame those who don’t

3) Watch the planet burn

But in order to not watch the planet burn, you have to do like Type nr 2:

1) Find out what is best for the environment

2) Check if it works out if we multiply that by 7.8 billion people, else back to 1) and think again

3) Find out which taxes/rules that make the 7.8 billion reach towards (1), and liking it, in order to keep those taxes and rules.

4) Since we have no world government able to include taxes/rules everywhere we might still

5) Watch the planet burn

6) But we need to use (3) wherever we live and find out ways (WTO?) to increase it to the whole world.

An example of environmentalist #1 is Johan Rockström, famous for his work as professor of environment in Stockholm University. I have his cookbook: ”Eat Good”.

Two of the 17 recipes for proper foods are based on reindeer. First of all, most countries don’t have a Norrland packed with reindeers. We do, but the production of reindeer meat is 150 grams per Swede and year. That means one out of roughly 700 meals, 0,14% (since we cook lunch in Sweden, it’d be 0,28% in Norway or Netherlands where lunch is sandwich with brunost or hagelslag).

But the recipes make up 12% of the proper recipes, roughly 100 times more. If everyone would do what is best for the environment, the price of reindeer meat would skyrocket, so it’d be equal to have a recipe book with 15 normal recipes, and 2 recipes with gold-plated Kobe beef seasoned with dust from the moon for the ultra-rich.

There are also recipes based on wildlife meat and some (not yet endangered) fishes in there, so roughly 50% of the recipes are based on the economy of the world’s richest people, and 50% are okay for anyone to eat. Such a luxury book!

To save the planet, we must eat beans, beans and beans, to get our amino acids. And there are millions of lovely recipes, be it pea soup, mapu tofu or dal. Make a book of those! Such as

But it’s a nice book anyway. I’ve learned to put my tea in a thermos to not burn the planet by making more tea than I need. Although that’s cool for me, since I have a tea cosy and nuclear power.

I got the tea cosy on my birthday. The dress is the dress mom had when carrying me inside, and the green cloth is from my dad’s mom’s curtains. The latter would have turned 100 years a few days days ago, but at least I have her curtains. Anyway, this keeps the tea warm longer! This favourite drug for programming 🙂 Please have a great night!

3 thoughts on “Two types of environmentalists

  1. A third type of “environmentalist”:

    1) Notices that the biosphere is being devastated.

    2) Thinks about the term “environment” and realises that its actually quite an inaccurate term, and that it even might be linked to the complex set of factors causing the devastation of the biosphere.

    3) Decides to drop the term altogether.

    4) Considers the consequences.

    Examples of “environmentalist” Type 3: Vandana Shiva, Bruno Latour, Frank Zappa.

  2. Johan Rockström has done a good job in defining what “the environment” is:öm#Planetary_boundaries

    His definition is the same as mine: make this planet habitable for humans. Since humans suffer in ways that animals don’t, and have the measures to avoid it. Most animals live awful lives (although we sometimes make it even more awful). One might even wonder if life needs to exist at all :p But anyway, most of that awfulness is needed for us to survive here.

    But maybe in the future, every single species will float through space on eternal opioids in a growing fog of constant happiness 🙂

    1. Rockström being an environmentalist type 1, he of course has to define the environment. The “environmentalist” type 3 perefers not to.

      But let’s dicuss this over a bibba vel sim. next Saturday instead, in a more sociable environment!

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