Worst Country in the World

Woke up and got of the bus in Amarillo, in Northern Texas. We were supposed to wait here for 1.5 hours for the next bus to Dallas. But after waiting 3.5 hours – two hours

Woke up and got of the bus in Amarillo, in Northern Texas. We were supposed to wait here for 1.5 hours for the next bus to Dallas.

But after waiting 3.5 hours – two hours too late – I wrote Greyhound that I’m travelling by buses throughout Europe and almost all Latin America, and that the latest bus I’ve ever had was in Argentina, two hours and 36 minutes too late, so they had 36 minutes left to not become the World’s Worst Country.

Then it’s time to board. We all kept discussing whether we should wait at “Transfers” or “Reboarding”.

After waiting for several hours, with no information whatsoever, people were angry and screaming all kinds of things. Here the guy on the very left, and the guy on the right, are almost fighting each other. The people in the middle are trying to calm them down. “There is no need to go to prison for that.” “I should have the right to say …” blabla.

Two hours and 50 minutes later, we leave the station! That’s 14 minutes later than in Argentina, so Greyhound has now made USA the world’s worst country. If I’m telling my friends that I’m arriving at 2, then I should be arriving 2-ish. Three hours late is not okay. I guess that this is simply discrimination: people on the bus are poor, and poor people don’t complain, so just give the poor shit. Well, I’m on this bus too! I’ll complain.

Fort Worth!

So, this is in the beginning of the Corona pandemic, the worst international crisis since some war. I must admit that I somehow love to sit on this bus and look at Dallas’ insane highways, which leads to even larger catastrophes in the future.


Oh, and here are the faces of the two people you need to call when you want to complain about your Greyhound bus ride. I’ll tell them both that they have made USA the world’s worst country!

Mmm, the variation!

These types of weird industrial buildings typically becomes like restaurants … but here a church!

Dr. Martin Luther King was one early basic income advocate. Listen to him!

People in Sweden, especially Greens, keep talking about how building high somehow makes the houses stand far from each other, but here we have tight, high houses, with both shops and trains! Build high, so that as many as possible can live centrally – if they want.

Closed restaurant 🙁 Most restaurants are closed now, because of the virus.

And here is the house of my friend Madison! On the 14th floor.

I get a shower, and then we go shopping. I’m in the back with the other happy dog, Ashes.

A bag of berbere cost 30 dollars in Norway, and 20 in Hallonbergen, Sweden. Here in Dallas, only 13 dollars! In Uruguay it was 2 dollars for a tiny bag that went to just one cooking. You need to have Ethiopians to get Ethiopian food, and we have them in Dallas 🙂 And also Burmese. And Super Dollars.

One Texan specialty is sweet tea. You can have a whole litre of it for one dollar. So I’m right now drinking about a decilitre of sugar. More days like these, and I’m back at my 110 kilos!

We had heard that Walmart and many other stores were completely cleaned out. So we went to this place, which was only half-cleaned.

They even have Swedish meatballs!

Here is Madison’s other friend, Timur from Kazakhstan. Look at all the crazy plastic bags they have given us.

Getting some vitamins for Ashes, who really really want to smell that other dog’s ass.

But I also found a cat!

Madison loves painting.

Here she is with her paintings, that are hanging in the public places of the building.

They share a music studio in the basement.

And an art studio! Here’s Brandon, a neighbour, who sits down here and paints dogs and cats in an Amazon style.

All this art is by Madison.

If you want to follow her 🙂

And here we are, all three of us!

A Kazakh from Alabama with a machine gun is exactly how you’d love to finish the after party.

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