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I felt better today, but decided to be sick anyway. What that means is: no running, and eating candy. I wanted to stay in bed all day long, but it was impossible to buy a

I felt better today, but decided to be sick anyway. What that means is: no running, and eating candy. I wanted to stay in bed all day long, but it was impossible to buy a bus ticket online, so I had to go there. Just look at the station symbols of the brown line above … such a beauty! I’m going to La Raza, the pyramid, to change to yellow there.

In La Raza, they have signs showing the earth as one year old, so that one month is 375 million years, and one day 12.5 million. Here you see what “February” and “March” was all about! Lots of stones.

And here’s December! Humans appeared on the last day. The last 15 minutes actually.

Here’s a starry tunnel. A little bit dark, but very cozy.

If you are talking about a star, then you find it here! So practical.

During the last minute of Earth’s history, humans created their civilization. A very advanced civilization, but apparently not advanced enough to not kill itself.

I got a bus ticket to Tijuana. Will spend two nights on the bus 🙁 But at least they have lunches! I don’t know about dinners … but I have a huge can of peanut butter and some crispbread, so I’ll be OK.

I love the Mexico City subway. I think I love it even more than Santiago, my old favourite. The price, 0.25 euro per ride, is so cheap! Now, I’m not all-in for subsidized public transport (instead, tax what is bad, such as cars, and give the money back to the people, so they can afford the subway if they feel like), but this subway being so heavily subsidized, and yet not full all the time … There are so many lines, with tons of trains on them.

Uber bikes! I didn’t even know they existed. Why not in Stockholm??

No windows on the side, in case the owner of that brown, old house would love to add some stories on top. Wait, what, do you want to ruin that old building?

Of course not! Tallinn is full of building complexes like this one. (Picture from last summer.) Old house remains, new ones on top! History as well as environmentally nice density.

When the Spanish came here in 1519, there was already a city here – the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, one of the largest cities in the world. The Spanish conquered it, and built “Mexico” on top of it, named after the Mexica people (the leaders of the Aztec empire). Here is what the area by this subway station looked like. The Aztecs had plenty of channels and lakes in the city, which the Spanish filled up.

In order to rule the place, they built cathedrals, such as this one.

The government building is right behind me. Here we have teachers demonstrating inside tents, being entertained by this circus music player.

Another demonstration. It gets dense around here. I love it.

This is not just a normal hospital. It’s the Jesus hospital! Experts on spikes inside hands etc.

Frida Kahlo yet again, inside a shop with super-Mexican t-shirts, wrestling masks etc.

Maybe the main shopping street. It was so untz untz untz.

I bought a Swiss Army Knife. I lost my old one somewhere. Now I can open beer cans, tin cans, bottles etc. Then I had some underwear. I hate buying new clothes, but my present are quite … ready to get changed. Can’t be fixed. I think a nice underwear company could make underwear that you can always change. If they get a hole in them, you send them in, and get a new one home. What this means is incentive to make good ones. If you start such a company, let me know, and I’ll buy some! Once these two euro mexicanos give up.

Here they’re advertising for the Cannabis museum … but I’m still packed by all the experiences I got in Uruguay, so I had to skip it.

On the way home, I changed in Pino Suárez, which is built around an Aztec ceremonial building. Here they could take up some children and “chop chop”, make the gods happy!

Tried another ramen place for dinner. It was fantastic! Very thick but lovely noodles. The rest of the ingredients were a little bit too lightly cooked. Some needs to be raw of course, but some needs to cook for many hours. But the sauce … was wonderful! It was so oily that you had to relax while drinking it. Drink a little, enjoy, relax, oil taste gone, drink more … A very strong 4! Mexico is kicking South American ass when it comes to ramen. And I know their secret: they’re making it Japanesely spicy. It’s Jap-Mex. You think it tastes all Japanese, but it’s actually packed with spicy secrets.

I had one friend in my hotel room today! Finally. A Mexican guy, a chemical engineer who was here for an interview. He wanted to go to Sweden to check the northern lights. He wondered what Swedish people thought about Mexicans. I said that we don’t have many Mexicans in Sweden, so what Swedes know, is that Trump is trying to build a wall against them. And one or two might know how much murders there are here, as the cocaine gangs are fighting about getting the drugs to the USA.

I think no one knows how … rich this place is. That’s the feeling that I got here. My “hipster” area feels rich, in a sober, nice way. Then there are all the business areas that feel very … business. There are definitely poor areas around, but despite going around a bit, I don’t feel so much poverty here, compared to South America. And the food! It’s definitely a fantastic place for cooking. I’m positively surprised. They must feel so annoyed by USA all the time. Anyway, good night!

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