Drunk for the last time

until March 1, that is. My last favourite family member is this cockroach. It’s funny, because last time I was at the equator, I also had them, in Brazil. I think they simply like the

until March 1, that is.

My last favourite family member is this cockroach. It’s funny, because last time I was at the equator, I also had them, in Brazil. I think they simply like the weather! This cockroach was so polite though. I scared him a bit, and he never came back!

He knew that there are fierce enemies in this household. Such as Luna.

Good morning Ecuador! Party tonight?

Luna’s breakfast.

My breakfast.

I went to the bus station to get a ticket to Colombia, and then I discovered the area north there of, which seemed cozy.

It seems so easy to plant here!

I met a number of hairdressers, but they were all closed. No cafe or restaurant with internet.

I went back to the station, checked my guidebooks (thanks) and decided to go to Las Peñas, the central part aimed for tourists, such as myself. We’re also going there tonight, but I’m sure I can spy a little bit before.

Las Peñas is mostly houses built on top of each other, in a lovely mess. In Brazil we call it “favela”, in Bolivia we call it “home”, and in Ecuador we call it “tourist place”.

I was adopted by this cat! He really loved me. And was quite hungry. I wanted to bring him to the sisters, but, you can’t really give people pets like that. They are already taking care of four cats! The fact that I’ve only photographed Luna is because she’s the only one who likes me 😉

I really want to open this door and see what’s on the other side …

I walked down this street, and through a gate. I saw a house with tons of clothes hanging from the outside. I wanted to take a picture of it, but then the owner himself walked out. I stood and waited for a while, to immortalize his dwelling when he wasn’t looking. But he was coming for me!

He told me that by walking through the gate that I had, I had made it possible for people to steal all my belongings. But he, just he, could take me wherever I wanted, for a dollar. I said, OK, beer with internet! And he took on the challenge.

We went back to the more touristy streets, but all places were closed. They had “siesta”, which is a system I really like, I’d also love to sleep during the afternoon. But where do they all sleep? Back at home? Inside the businesses? In Tokyo, you can easily just go and rent some siesta place, but the rest of the world still lives in this siesta mystery.

This place wouldn’t open since only I would come, without friends. Damn, have they ever seen my invoices? They are pretty long I must admit :p

Eventually, my guy tried to make another guy drive me somewhere. I don’t like the idea of getting into a car, so I thanked him and went my own way. Where I found my internet beer place in two minutes :p The French fries they made though … lacked everything I ever thought I wanted from them! Gah.

I like cats.
And cities.

The river is packed with small floating green islands. They seem to live on the water, while still floating out to the islands outside. Why? Nobody knows.

We’re meeting in their theatre later tonight. In the meanwhile, I drink beer in the neighbourhood while fixing the maps for this blog. I hope you like the maps! I do.

Here you can drink if you feel all colonialist.

But I don’t! I’m going to their theatre. They have both worked here today. And cooked this lovely vegan food! Thank you so very much 🙂

Here’s the theatre cat, who keeps the theatre safe from burglars and cockroaches every night. Look at his stomach. Don’t you just want to snuggle it? Nom, nom, nom, I do!

Later at night, we go back to Las Peñas, exploring its various heights. They’re going to Europe for three months this spring. Do you need them at your job? They are good at managing theatres, shops, cooking, have studied International relations and speak Spanish and English.

Here the staff is recommending various drinks.

Mmh, mmh, mmh!

It becomes more and more Spanish.

But that’s OK, because I can snuggle with the bar cat!

OMG, what have I done? My endless drunkenness has created me these three super-drunk kittens that I now need to somehow bring home in complete pieces. Maybe a taxi?

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