Mendoza wine testing!

Woke up and had breakfast, while looking at the nearby bus station. Then I went there, to go to Bodega Lopez brewery. Oh, that’s a picture of me, waiting for the bus! What happened? I

Woke up and had breakfast, while looking at the nearby bus station. Then I went there, to go to Bodega Lopez brewery. Oh, that’s a picture of me, waiting for the bus!

The hat is tilted to protect me from the sun, nothing else!

What happened? I found the USB cable 🙂 I just packed it in a “very smart” place.

I’m starting to worry a bit about the Oregon guy I met yesterday. So far he has been wrong on everything. He said that you could use a SUBE card on all buses, but that there was no way you could charge it in Mendoza. I could charge my SUBE card, no problem. But the bus driver refused it! And I couldn’t pay with cash. But he let me on anyway. Thanks.

The Bodega Lopez was a nice place, and we got an awesome guiding. It was in Spanish, but they laughed a lot. I moved my mouth in the right places.

Squeeze all the cute grapes here and get drunk!
Here is where they produce the 1 euro/bottle wine.
My face in the wine. Leave me alone! Don’t destroy my life!

Then we got to taste two glasses of wine!

It was free. The idea was that you’d end up buying bottles. Well, I did.

Then it was a train back to Mendoza! Super-nice. My first train that was not a metro in South America. Or maybe this was a bit like a metro.

Main shopping street during a Sunday siesta. The temperature was way above 30 Celsius. But these trees really cooled it down. Amazing! You really felt when the trees stopped, and it was just you under the sun again. Do you have trees on your street? Or parked cars? In the latter case, maybe this is when you start hating them >:]

Tagliatelle is a must, in this land packed with its former Italians 🙂

I then went to the bus station, got a ticket to Santiago, and then to the book store. They had no text books for learning Spanish, but an earlier person had bought “The Little Prince” and a dictionary … so I did the same. And, craziest of all, I bought the first book of Game of Thrones. I’ve read it in Norwegian and in English, so reading it in the third foreign language felt … natural? I don’t even like it. What am I doing?

Then I went to sleep, and then got up and started tasting the wines. I had a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Malbec and a Merlot. Here’s the most childish review that you’ve ever read. In my defence, it’s the first one 🙂

The Cabernet Sauvignon tasted fruity. Like, always passable, but maybe not excellent. I give it a 3 on a scale from 1-5. Cheap Cabernet: 3, expensive Cabernet: 3.

Merlot tasted … adult. Like a moustache stinking of old brandy. Like the bottom of a spicy lentil stew. I can really feel how it could taste not so good, but also how it could taste wonderful. I give it the score from 2 to 5.

The Malbec was like a smash in the face. If it was a smash that hurt, that caused a feeling of dizziness, or one that didn’t, that felt all warm and nice, I’m not sure. But I give it a 1 to 4.

Then it was time to meet Deo, my Argentinian/Bolivian wine taster! She is very humble, but when she starts talking about the grapes, it’s like when a normal person talks about their classmates. We blind-tested me on these three grapes, and I got it right 2 times out of 4, and the other two times I got it right on the second guess. I don’t count test number 5, since Deo was commenting on my comments so much that it led my thoughts into what she had said earlier, so because of that I guessed wrong, but if she had shut up I would have guessed right, I promise 😉 Anyway, it was a very good night!

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