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Today is the brightest day of the year. Which means that it’s bright all night, like in Sweden. We’re currently at 62 latitudes, which is as close to the pole as the city of Sundsvall

Today is the brightest day of the year. Which means that it’s bright all night, like in Sweden. We’re currently at 62 latitudes, which is as close to the pole as the city of Sundsvall in Sweden.

Today we’re visiting a Chinese base, so I wrote ”Free HK” on my chest.

Hong Kong is an amazing test of how hard it is to crush a democracy. The will of the people is a weapon that eventually leads to the fall of every dictatorship. They can’t even crush Hong Kong. Rich Chinese people are hiding their money there. If the army moves in, the money changes country, and its rich people might too. They already have their passports. Mao would love that, as he lived in a world where steel was made by poor farmers’ revolutionary spirit. But Jinping would hate it, as he understands what China is made off. China wouldn’t survive it. Not yet. But they get richer every single day, for every pair of headphones that you buy from them. You’re buying your own slavery. Stop it now.

Breakfast with lovely people! They’re a bit dark as it’s bright outside and my telephone is made of shit. It’s cheap and made in China. I bought it before I realized in which direction the world is going. Next time I need to buy a phone, I’ll buy an expensive one with lots of warranties, and will really try one made by a factory without workers in a free country.

Then we went to the Chinese Antarctica base.

This anchor was put there in 1984, when they first arrived.

Here we have distances to tons of Chinese cities, and they have been so nice to include Taipei, the capital of the neighbouring Chinese Democracy of Taiwan, as number two. (Beijing is the top one, or rather the ”Tianmen”, which I assume refers to Tiananmen square inside it.)

Do you see the little bird?

Chinese workers playing Go, or Weiqian. It’s hard for me to see if they’re really really good or just bad, because it’s not a normal game. I would guess bad.

Walking on the Great Wall has been my life’s most iconic experience. Lovely picture.

Sneaking up my shirt. You can do what you want with all pictures on this blog (except for those that I stole from somewhere of course).

The extreme cold mummifies animals. This seal has been dead for thousands of years.
We learn about penguins.

Today it’s Sara’s 30th birthday. Dali went away and told the staff about it, so that we might get some candles or something. But it turned out that they knew! It’s like they scan all the birth dates of people, looking for the tens. So they came out with this cake, and we’re all singing. Then a guy from the staff sings a beautiful song for her as present. My present was any drink she’d like from the bar, but it’s really windy now, the boat is changing from left to right, from left to right. Looking through the window you see only sea, then only heaven, then only sea. I was so used since the trip to America that I didn’t care at all, but many people got incredibly sea sick, and Sara was one of them, refusing my drink.

Here’s my neighbour’s plate that fell to the floor during a wave.

But for us that were left, we got an insanely fun cocktail course by Rose Li, and the super-fun bartender Yu. Then we got to recognize songs, and sing and dance and get small presents.

I have no pictures of myself blowing the roof away with ”We will rock you”, but here’s Peter performing Elevation or whatever the song is called.

Here’s the outside at midnight. Like Sweden! But six months later :p Or earlier?

Here’s some other winners from the song competition. I got a fridge magnet, but they got cushy penguins! It turned out that one of them spoke Japanese. So we have a Japanese club now! Everyone on the ship are invited. If they speak Japanese. We’re very open-minded, in a Japanese way. So Charisma and I spoke English, me and the girl spoke Japanese, and they spoke Chinese. Lovely triangle discussion!

I have no ideas why they showed their tongues though.

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