French Guiana!

And what did I see when waking up today? French Guiana! I meant to run 10 km within an hour today, but the foot feelings and the pure excitement stopped it. But here’s an after

And what did I see when waking up today? French Guiana!

I meant to run 10 km within an hour today, but the foot feelings and the pure excitement stopped it. But here’s an after picture. I regret posting the before picture, but have you said A you must say B. I feel both fatter and stronger. But in any case I’m beardier. Not many barbers on the Atlantic, unless you’re moustaching each other like drunk French sailors, and I’m not one of those. Do not fit in just a moustache. I’d look like my dad.

After picture.
The Arrival. Untz untz untz.
No more fresh island water. Here is the mud of the Amazons!
One of them said: “It is mine!”

Above we have three proud Frenchies looking at the last European colony of mainland South America.

Ships watching the French Imperialism. Croissants for everyone!

I said goodbye to Chloe, who is staying an extra day on the ship. Why you might ask? I have no idea, but maybe it could have something to do with a car leaving the next day to her new home in French Guiana. The extra day was for free btw, with all food and wine. So yes, a bit more expensive than bengaldrowntravel, but those little extra bits make it worth it!

Entering the mainland for real. I’m like a container.
My home for 18 sweet days. The tears I felt when leaving it! Mostly happy tears.
Goodbye ship! Please have happy travels.

I left the ship with the Marquands, and after finally finding our legal way off the harbour (not the easiest with French bureaucracy all of a sudden), we waited for a taxi. The taxi ride was the most beautiful ever. The warmth. The vegetation. A summer that is never ending. 20 € for all of us. We left each other at the tourism office, and I started walking to the nearest, cheapest hotel. Outside of the city there was also a cheaper hostel where no one answered the phone, but I needed Internet right now.

Cayenne in French Guiana.

After a lovely walk, I found the hotel. They were kind of rude, spoke only French and Internet was 2 € per hour, even for guests. I sat down for an hour and tried it. Too slow. But I found the second cheapest hotel and booked a room.

Another random street in Cayenne.

79 euros. French Guyana is an expensive place. I’ll soon move on to the cheaper areas!

Scrubby me in my fancy hotel room!
Park of the palms! Important guy in the middle. Text in French. Must be a Francophile.

Walked around to find cash and lunch. The sun! Almost killing me. I like it. I do. Really, really like it. But just a little bit of shadow. Just a little, please.

Had my lunch here. The shadow! So fantastic.
After downing half the lentil soup I got this photo idea.

I spent the afternoon planning my feature trip and gave up on Surinam. You needed an electronic “travel card” to enter the country, and no matter how much I tried the website stopped, no matter what browser I used. After a few hours I said to the north of South America: screw you. I don’t know why Surinam needs something that the rest of continent does not need. I bet it’s just some kind of bureaucrat making big money out of this.

Cayenne at night.

Had dinner at this Moroccan place. The owner had family in Gävle in Sweden who “felt completely like Swedes”. I don’t know if it was the Swedish connection, but he completed my döner with a free french fries in two sauces. Untz untz. To the lower right is a bar where I’ve seen all kinds of nice people during today’s walk. It’s a sober day though, planning my life. On the top there is some kind of private party, with French-speaking-only guards keeping the sêçrét. But I went home to sleep the best sleep ever.

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