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I tried to book a ticket from Santiago to San Pedro de Atacama today, but the web page didn’t work. I could have just used another browser, but ended up on the Santiago subway to

I tried to book a ticket from Santiago to San Pedro de Atacama today, but the web page didn’t work. I could have just used another browser, but ended up on the Santiago subway to get one in paper. It’s OK, since I love this subway, possibly the best in South America!

Then I moved on to San Cristóbal! It’s a mountain from which you see much of Santiago.

I went there through Filomena street, a lovely shopping street east of Patronato metro station.

They have falafel! Super-big plate. I need a medal for finishing it.

Then I found an Arab shop where they had drawn an Arab dressed as in medieval times. I’ll report their self-racism to the Swedish Ministry of Racial Correctness.

15 min of waiting. Everybody wants to get up! You can also walk or cycle, but I was a little bit lazy.

Came up and found a Turkish group being all Christianized.

Because up here we have crosses!

I’m a third-generation non-believer (grandpa didn’t believe since his dad was a rather mean priest), but I kind of like Jesus in a very personal way. He was a revolutionary. I’m sure he would have supported basic income if alive today!

This building is the highest in South America.

The torture. Because of all torture he had, you need to follow us now. Naturally.

And here is the queen of the mountain! Mother Mary herself. It’s a bit of a present to the Jesus statue of Rio de Janeiro.

And from up here, you can look down at the Baquedano station! It looks like there is no demonstration today. I think I need to go down and have a look.

No demonstration. The police are now up by the biggest statue.

Lovely car. It’s like you can see how many demonstrations it has been inside.

Police at the middle of yesterday’s demonstration place. “The government is not afraid of you!”

The Baquedano subway station is still closed, and will be so for quite some time.

“All Cops Are Bastards”. I disagree. I think it’s wonderful with cops. Without cops, we get new smaller societies, where brutes act like cops, and brutes are more likely to be bastards, since they are not controlled by an elected government and free media, but by local little “kings”. Democracy is the highest form of government (although there are many versions of it, and none of them are perfect). Without it, and its cops, we get the basest form of governments, despotism, and it’s already apparent everywhere, in the cracks made my the larger government. But we’ll always have a government. We are simply packs of dogs.

I think that people’s attitude to the cops is something to be wary about. When normal people dislike cops, we get less cooperation between citizens and law, and that makes the law work less good. So in a good and functioning society, people love the cops. And the reason regular people love the cops is based on:

  1. Cops’ behaviour
  2. How often citizens get arrested by cops

Number 1) should be fairly obvious to all of you. We all think that cops should be as nice as possible, while still getting the job done. But we really need to think about 2). Every single cop intervention is a small threat to its own government. So if we support our government, we should make as few things as possible illegal!

I was personally like 30 years old the first time I got relaxed when seeing cops, instead of being stressed. And I was not even doing drugs as a teenager. My dad hated cops all his life. I guess as a combination of 1) and 2). If all were like him, we’d end up with local brutes instead. Don’t be like my dad! Try to change the law instead.

Or you’ll get this destruction.
Voluntary aid person, in her “aid nest” with lots of aid people inside.
On the left is the symbol of the gendarmerie, on the right smashed windows.

Is the new constitution a good compromise between the left and the right? I talked to a slightly right-leaning lawyer the other night, and according to him, there was no line in the constitution that had had any legal implications. There was no legal line that was up in any court when a politician or company tried to do something. And yesterday, I talked to a very left-leaning student, who said the same. The constitution has had no direct bad effect on Chile. It’s simply an “enemy” by being written under the dictatorship times.

So I think that writing a new constitution is simply a slow “right-wing” win. The new constitution will also hold no legally important texts. It’ll take a long time to write, during which the police is slowly getting the centre of Santiago controlled again.

Maybe that’s the “right” thing. Chile has been governed democratically. People are angry for the inequalities of the nation, but don’t have the “right” to smash the city up as much as they have done. This is simply criminality. But it’s criminality of a higher kind, with lots of soul in it. It’s the organized criminality you get when you, as a government (or a voter!) simply doesn’t care enough of your population. Is not the correct – but natural – punishment you get for not feeling how others feel. When you forget that we are still in the same pack of dogs.

I think this will be more common in the future. Humans are collectively losing their value as production input.

Above is the percentage of production that goes to labour (in the USA). Constantly decreasing. Leftists think it’s union power going down. Rightists think it’s people getting more lazy. I think it’s the machines. We are simply living of the works made by dead people. Although, that work is owned by companies that most people don’t own.

Letting people “fight for their own salary” gets more and more ridiculous. We’ll move more into “bread and plays” politics, and if we don’t provide the plays, the people will set up fun demonstrations. Because I had a lot of fun yesterday! The excitement!

In the future, we can choose between UBI or Santiago protests. And I think Chile will choose UBI. It’s a country packed by economists. They only need the idea to grow – the mathematics is all there about the incentives. As soon as Andrew Yang becomes the American president, Chile will become the country number two.

Amazon with nothing left to loose attacks the police.
We got Molotov cocktails.

Then I went home and snuggled with Panda. Although he finds the floor more interesting than me. “Oh, nice feet. But look at the floor! So … shiny.”

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