Floating Islands

We got up at 5 today to get picked up for a tour to “the floating islands”. The Titikaka lake is at 3810 meters the “world’s highest navigable lake”. The latter is in part a

We got up at 5 today to get picked up for a tour to “the floating islands”.

The Titikaka lake is at 3810 meters the “world’s highest navigable lake”. The latter is in part a definition though. If I bring a canoe to a higher lake, then it’s navigable, no? But, if we by “navigable” mean that there is a Pikachu ship in the lake, then we’re settled. It is right here, and in no higher lake. Not to mention Goku from Dragon Ball.

The floating islands were built by Indians who were chased from the land by other Indians. They lived in their boats, and eventually realized how they could make the boats into floating islands.

Then, suddenly, one day they lived inside “Peru”. The “Peruans” didn’t want to kill or enslave them, no no. But they were bad in other ways. They said that “You live inside a natural reserve now, so you’re not allowed to kill birds or fish. Instead, we’ll send you tourists, who’ll give you money”. So they were like “give me money, now”. And they learned our names, and went on like “Harald, buy this, buy that”. I’m very good to not listening to sell-talk too, and enjoyed the island, as small as it was.

I loved the sunscreens, just like among the yurts in Mongolia. No subsidies! It’s simply the smart way of empowering places without wires.

Wet here! Turn around or swim.

This dog and I became best friends. I’m more of a cat-person, but this dog was almost a cat, and me almost a dog.

Here’s an explanation of how the Floating Islands are built. In the bottom are roots of the totora, a vegetable that is growing all around here. On top of the roots, fresh totora are put, which later are slowly added to the root part, so that they need to add even more totora. And on top of that, cooking devices, houses, people, tourists etc.

Other floating islands.

A hen!

Going home.

Free coca tea in the hotel.

Goodbye Puno! We’re going to Cusco today.

The highway.

For a short while it looked like Argentina, and I was like “No, take me north, take me nooorth!”

We got lunch in a booked restaurant for 20 sol (5.5 €) and it was so-so. The quinoa soup was nowhere near the one from yesterday. But despite deals like that, I think Bolivia Hop is a great company by getting you, and delivering you to, your hotels.


Black clouds all of a sudden.

Which disappeared.

The start of the longest sunset ever.

Came to Cusco and got a taxi to our hostel. We got different rooms this time: H for Harald and J for Jesper. Then I handed in my laundry, and went out to a travel agency to book a ticket for Machu Picchu tomorrow. 280 American Dollars 🙁 But it includes transport there and home, bus up, entrance and guiding. I went to a grocery store and bought some protein bars for tomorrow. Then zzz

View from the hostel. It must be wonderful tomorrow!

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  1. Förstår att Du åker efter Sydamerikas västkust, nu är Du i Lima
    Det verkar som indianernas liv påverkar befolkningen i med de bilder Du visar. Skall genast googla på det historiska, Du gör mig nyfiken på det geografiska…

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