Last sober day

Fell asleep at 20 something yesterday, and woke up at 1. Managed to fall asleep after a while, but was woken up by a police at 2:30. Show passport, show visa. I’m very happy that

Fell asleep at 20 something yesterday, and woke up at 1. Managed to fall asleep after a while, but was woken up by a police at 2:30. Show passport, show visa. I’m very happy that I bought that visa paper. I’ve shown it to 5-6 policemen so far, not having to español about being out of the country within a week. Then he started feeling my pockets, and also found that my penis was my penis and not some drugs I hid there. He did my cash bag, my wallet, cellphone, everything. Drugs can be hidden anywhere! My ass was not checked though, so that’s some privacy I got left. They also screwed up the toilet to check inside. They did that yesterday as well. Then we went out and got our bags searched, at 3 in the morning, after which I tried to sleep.

Good morning Mexico!

Good morning desert.

When we stopped in the morning, I had a one euro powder coffee, to drink with my bread with peanut butter.

And here we have … United States of America! Behind that brown wall. Europeans hate that wall, BTW, thinking Trump is some Hitler for building it.

Speaking of which, here is the wall around the Spanish part of Africa:

Here is the border between Greece and Turkey:

And here between Bulgaria and Turkey:

So, this is the problem with “asylum rights”, that countries simply don’t want it. And meanwhile, we sit in Sweden and complain against these walls, being all holy on a cloud. Until suddenly, all walls are wrecked and immigrants stream across our bridge, and we suddenly stop it and ask passports for everyone entering. I admit, I was also on the noisy side:

I’m on the right side, with a sign I made with leftovers from Nice Weather. Of course, I do think that some refugees are welcome. I love them, and think we should move as many as “possible” to the awfully cold north, as we’ll face the climate change a lot better. But I think that the asylum rights is an evil joke strategy, when both EU and USA do everything they can to make it hard and expensive to come and try to use it. “Sweden doesn’t build walls”, the prime minister said, based on his peninsula, surrounded by water. Whose bridge from Denmark got passport controls a few months later. And will get it again, now that Turkey once more allows refugees to swim/boat over to Greece.

I was stupid. I knew about the arguments against, but I was thinking like this: “The SD (Sweden Democrats, our racist party) will sooner or later take over Sweden. We need to get as many immigrants as possible before that happens, that votes against the SD.” But, the problem is, that many immigrants in Sweden are voting for the SD! In the very poor and foreign (but lovely!) area where I live in Stockholm, they are stronger than they are elsewhere in Stockholm. I know plenty of foreigners who vote for them. Because they simply want to live in a country that works. And you might show statistics that shows that Sweden works very well, despite having lots of recent immigrants and paperless. But it would work better if we:

  1. Accepted asylum claims in embassies abroad.
  2. Received as many per year as the parliament decides.
  3. Bans anyone coming directly, with no proper visa.

Simple like that! The consequence would be that:

  • immigrants have a proper residential status and can start working from day one, instead of waiting for years
  • we’d get mixed families, equal number of men and women, instead of 2/3 being men (and 11 out of 12 among lonely kids)
  • we don’t get the same number of paperless that we get now, when trying to get roughly half of them out of the country, which only half of them does

Anyway, after 43 hours of bus ride, I’m in Tijuana now!

Sliding along the river with its huts.

Taking an Uber to my friend Carmen. We passed a man that walked with a hand under his blue t-shirt, which was packed with blood, eager to get help.

Carmen has four dogs, mom and dad and their two children. They loved me. They liked climbing on me and breath inside my face.

“Look cute, look cute, I smell that he really likes cats and only accepts us while we are not barking.”

Dogs helping cooking.

Carmen runs her own hotel in a nice old villa. Super nice place, surrounded by thick walls to protect you from all the shit going around here. If you’re around, book a room! My room is for free, so it’s the least luxurious. But yet my nicest bed ever!

Oranges that you can eat in the garden. Very sour though, the C-vitamin scares your sicknesses away!

Cooking with Carmen and the other guests.

The dogs help out of course!

Because they are getting a bone! Nom nom, the epic happiness. I’ve never seen a happier dog than this one. Then I went to sleep. As I didn’t sleep that well on the bus, and am sober. But tomorrow … it is March and we will party 🙂

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