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I started the day by hanging my clothes to dry, and discovered that my cap broke 🙁 So today I need to fix it 🙂 Fortunately, my mom and sister are both textile gurus, so

I started the day by hanging my clothes to dry, and discovered that my cap broke 🙁 So today I need to fix it 🙂 Fortunately, my mom and sister are both textile gurus, so their help strengthened me for the task. The oil stains btw, are from the Death Road.

A good point with cities with collective transport is the mass of people walking the same distances. When walking between my home and the station, I have people around me the whole time, which decreases the chances of getting robbed, compared to more car-based cities where you are often the only pedestrian.

I looked around for vegetarian restaurants and ended up ordering “beans and no meat please!” and the seller asked me tons of questions and in the end I was like “please, I’m just hungry” and she laughed and gave me the foodz.

Nom, nom!

River, subway, tall buildings. If humanity are to survive, this is what more people will look at in their daily lives! Humans: here is your future. And I love it. Don’t listen to old-fashioned greens who think that we need to move to the countryside and make our own plants. That’s an extremely wasteful lifestyle that would create chaos. Humans need about 2000 square meters per person (which is the current global average). Eating meat like an American means that you need several times more. If all of us produced our own food, we simply couldn’t have cities with efficient transportation. If you ever meet such a person, just ask them how much car they use (a lot). Dark greens think that we might be able to live without going to the dentist doctor, disco, bowling club, restaurant, reparation centre, school, football club and everything else we created the last few hundred years, to move on from the time when we ate potatoes and went to bed at sunset and lived until 40. I think not. I’d rather kill myself and the planet in order to sing some karaoke and play board games with geniouzes.

For example, in a super-rural future, where would you find four stories of reparation shops? Nowhere. But here in central Medellin, we have it! More than 20 shops doing nothing but repairing shoes and clothes. So environmental! Swedish environmentalists would drool themselves mad if they saw something like this in Sweden. I got my cap fixed for five euros. Probably a rip-off tourist price, but who cares? I paid 50 euro to get it shipped to Sweden once upon a time. And it has paid off! It makes me look nice.

Having a cappuccino and a brownie, surfing for fun meme pictures.

Why are people sitting on the street with writing machines? The mystery!

I was planning on joining a graffiti tour today, but according to The Internet it would take four hours. And the subway in that direction was so packed with people. And they started playing in the club at 16. I decided to go home and relax.

First I had my beard shaved and moustache trimmed. After watching the Narcos TV series, it felt brave to have a young Medellin man with tattooed hands carve my neck with a knife. And it hurt a small bit around the moustache. But social trust is what makes the economy work! I decided long time ago to not buy my own equipment, but just “rent” others, including their professional skillz. It’s a very good decision! Especially in Colombia, where there are more shaving places than toilets.

Getting all shaved up and nice, it was time to play Clank! In! Space!. I will play the original Clank! with some people later so this was a good start. It felt like I won, as I was the first to flee the spaceship, but I ended up second last. You win by dying apparently, if you’re dying in your home territory. By getting the stuff to your family I presume!

Then we played The Grimm Masquerade. After getting called early, I started playing completely random so that no one knew who I was. And then I won. Not my favourite type of game :p

And then we finished the night with Stone Age. It’s a “spreadsheet” kind of game in which you place your workers to get the most points. I liked that it had specializations – in order to win you needed to choose a strategy quite early in the game and stick to it. That makes it hard for someone trying it for the first time, but I came second at least.

It was all in all a good night!

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