Visiting the doctor in Alexandroupolis

There were lots of flags in my room, for example a Norwegian and a Finnish. I woke up at five and packed my things. I would have liked to clean the kitchen and vacuum the

There were lots of flags in my room, for example a Norwegian and a Finnish. I woke up at five and packed my things. I would have liked to clean the kitchen and vacuum the bread crumbs that I had left, but I sort of felt like just getting out of there as quickly and quiet as possible. It was pitch black outside. I tried to follow the route back to the 305 bus station but failed, and ended up waiting for bus 4. I asked the driver if he went to the central station to which he replied “I don’t know what you’re saying so get on to this bus to nowhere hahahaha”. A woman and a soldier was also waiting for buses, and the soldier could tell me how to find 305. I didn’t but found 213, paid the driver and off we went. It was a wonderful bus ride since it was packed with quite old people going to work. Grey and quiet. No cell phones. It could have been 2019 or 1999 or 1979.

I got off at the central station and started to walk around in an array of tiny little buildings, offering everything from coffee to gym to tickets for Thessaloniki. The lady even went with me and another guy to the bus. So nice.

The sun rose as we left Sofia.

No one was sitting at the back of the bus so I slept there on all five seats. Lovely. Passport control woke me up.

Border Bulgaria-Greece

In Thessaloniki we came to the Macedonian bus station. I loved it, so beautiful. No time for photos though :/ I also love naming the country FYROM to “North Macedonia”. So can Greeks keep calling the South Macedonia whatever they want, for example Macedonia. I’ve understood that’s not a popular thing to say in Greece though, a country slightly plagued with the ethnocentrism you get when history towers over the present.

One thing I love with Greece is the temperature. If you wonder why you and I are not doing what we might be doing on a day like this, please check the image below.

30 plus degrees is the temperature needed for a sustainable human civilization.
Real life Minecraft

Travelling feels a little bit like a real life Minecraft. You travel and suddenly the landscape changes. From the almost Swedish forested hills of Bulgaria to these hills dotted by olive-like trees.

The Mediterranean! Or Aegean, but same water.
And if you look at the left …
Double Greek coffee in Alexandroupolis.
Alexandroupolis is the loveliest city. At least for one night!

In Alexandroupolis I have an old friend, here portraying in front of the lighthouse with me. She is super-intelligent and has been trying all kinds of careers without ever finding home. Until now, that she is becoming a doctor. I’ve had plenty of wise and undecided friends who ended up as doctors, and it seems to suit them perfectly. If you have a bad day at work, then at least you’re helping humans survive and live another day. Today they talked about heroine, it’s history and how it interacts with everything else some humans like to consume. With all my heart, I’m supporting your studies! I’d love to have you open my chest and fix my heart or whatever my future problems will be.

Dinner time! So lovely.
“Do I eat the head like this?”
“No you’re such a noob!”

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