Brain Hemorrhage Day 14-15

A song from Ebba Grön. This is a great video since it’s shot so long time ago. The singer is born the same year as my mom. It’s in the year 1979 or 1980. The

A song from Ebba Grön. This is a great video since it’s shot so long time ago. The singer is born the same year as my mom. It’s in the year 1979 or 1980. The text starts with “There is nothing to do in this boring suburb, there is nothing here for us. Oh sorry, I exaggerated a bit, we can always drug, drink and fight.” and describes how they tried to build their own music club in Rågsved, in southern Stockholm, but that the bureaucracy didn’t like it. Five years after the million programme was done, we got the first musical complaints in punk, which is sociologically the same as hip hop.

Rågsved. Picture by Sofie Sigrinn

It’s funny because Daniel Ek also grew up in Rågsved, the guy who later created Spotify, where you can listen to the above song for free, and anything else. You can play it in any basement in any suburb. What does the bureaucrats think about that? Funny thing is that Spotify has declared that they will leave Sweden unless we get a better housing market. Despite the presence of punkers/rappers and other shady elements, these suburbs are great to have your own apartment in. You might even create your own Spotify. But when you need to attract workers from across the world, those don’t get into Rågsved, or anywhere else, but have to fight on the second-hand market just like youngsters and refugees (as described here). So Spotify might leave Rågsved, since it’s too small for them. There’s nothing to do but drugs, drink and fight. I’m sure that Spotify would love this plan.

From Fisksätra, where I grew up, maybe Sam-E is the most famous. Another older video that I like better. He was the best in mathematics in his class, but when our classes merged I was better, so he put everything into sports instead. Then maybe someone was better in sports, so he went all into music. I don’t know if anyone is better in music. Maybe these guys.

Day 14-15. May 16-17, 2018

May 16, Wednesday 12:00

Hi Harald!

My name is Jennifer and I’m a nurse. I have been with you for many of my sessions the last week. Your neurology is progressing, and yesterday night, you started following prompts. The plan for today is that we, any minute now, will try to remove the hose from your throat and the support from the respirator which is currently helping you breath. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you!

Hi Harald!

I learned this Saturday what happened, and now it’s Thursday, May 16. I have thought a lot of you these days. It’s completely surrealistic of this to happen, but it feels great that you have woken up and started moving today! We haven’t known anything, but that’s a great sign! There could be a long or short recovery, but there are many of us who’ll be here along the way! I’m looking forward to play games, drink beer and go to Jericho etc in the future!

Fight on! Joel

Joel and I use to go to a Jericho party in Uppsala every year since university. We missed it in 2019 because I was in Norway, and in 2020, because I was in the US but … in 2021 it’ll happen! I’ll just call him and repeat the message above moahaha

May 16

Hi Harald. I joined Joel in visiting you today. It’s great that you have opened your eyes and started laughing at our bad jokes. (Not all of them at your expense.) We are back soon and might smuggle in a board game (no liquor though). Let’s see what you feel like.

Greetings FREDRIK

Wednesday May 16.

I’m looking forward to a game of Triumph & Tragedy soon. Or Shogun. With a bag in box. Hugs /Sven

Thursday May 17

Hi Harald!

Great progress … the tube in the neck is gone, you have eaten yogourt and a cheese sandwich and have been sitting on your bedside. You have said some sporadic words, your glasses are found and are now on your nose.

/Emelie nurse, Uffe UAP, Fia UAP

Since two days, you no longer have a hose in your throat.

Here you have comforted yourself in bed.

I started laughing and saying single words! I don’t remember much of this at all. It was more that I was living in my own fantasy, and people that visited somehow joined that fantasy. More about that tomorrow!

But now we have to go back to Rågsved, or in my case, Fisksätra:

Places I lived in.

Situated in the middle of the forest, far away from anything else. Look at the incredible class difference between the high-rise buildings and the single-family houses, with lots of forests, roads and heights in between. This was per design. As is written in one of the Social Democratic documents when building the million programme: “Classes will live separately, since people prefer to hang out with their own class.” If you ever thought the Social Democrats was a revolutionary party, then … you can relax. And have a good time in your socio-region where you can hang out with your own class 😉

If I was the mayor of Nacka, I’d close all the inner yards with small one-family houses. And put the same kind of houses on the inside of every yard, to make them smaller. And I’d fill up the area between the high-rises and the one-family areas with city quarters (and some small parks). Yes, there are height considerations. But just look in the central Stockholm where they built in many slopes. It becomes beautiful!

Here is my and my friend Fredrik, in Fisksätra, 14 months after the accident. We’re standing in front of the apartment where I lived for 7 years. It’s covered by a high tree, and behind it the shutters are down. Since people in general don’t like strangers like us to come and stare! So close those yards with small houses. We’re talking about that in Sundbyberg now, closing the yards of our million programmes with single-family houses. And look at this new-built quarter in Hallonbergen:

I told Wallenstam (the builder) that I didn’t like the inner yard of that (very varying) quarter to be open in both ends, as people like me would go straight through it, since diagonals are always faster than grids. And they put a single-family house in one of the gaps! I’m not sure it’s because of me … but I like to fantasize it is.

And speaking of fantasies, they started coming now. I’ll write about them tomorrow!

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