Last night on board

All I remember from the earlier part of this day is that I talked to Peter in the gym. I said “you have to take pictures of everything you do, or you will have forgotten

Too heavy to lift, but good enough to hold!

All I remember from the earlier part of this day is that I talked to Peter in the gym. I said “you have to take pictures of everything you do, or you will have forgotten it”. He said “yes!” and immediately switched to 40 kg weights so that we should remember them, and not the 12.5 kilos he had before.

But it’s true in a way – the whole day seems forgotten. I guess I slept a lot. But I remember the sauna that we were waiting for. They said it was closed because of the wind, but the wind was extremely silent, so we were running around in our towels trying to get staff to put it on. Peter even lowered his tip because off this. My tip was already zero. I didn’t like how they calculated our own tip without our consent, so I went and zeroed it. Which does not mean that I didn’t love the staff! I loved them, the cleaners, the restaurant staff, the bar staff, every single one was so nice! I just felt that 4600 USD is a bit more than I’d love to spend on a week. And if they’re not happy with their salary, then let us all fight for basic income!

After the sauna, we had a party in my room. We just filled our cups and went to the theatre, because they were showing photos from the whole week. It was nice to see. And suddenly, they showed the picture of me with my sign in my boat. And then a picture with the whole boat sitting behind the same sign (a picture that I don’t have, probably because Renato knew that I would just put it on my blog). And suddenly, the audience started applauding! The only applause during the whole picture presentation. Lovely!

Then we had auction.

Do you want to buy our flag? Buy it? 15 dollars? 20, 35 …

Art by Sheily, our expedition leader. It’s got penguins!

It was great to sit and see the rich playing rich buy outbidding each other on flags and stuff. A hobby for them.

A penguin! Very expensive one.
Then we thanked the staff! Thank you, thank you. All professionals! And so happy and funny.
The most south we went is a bit like Skellefteå, Sweden, is North, or central Alaska, USA.
I don’t know why I took this picture. Maybe hungry.
Mmh, the food! So many beans packed in one dish.
And tortellini, and empanadas. I couldn’t finish it all!
Lovely company 🙂
Oh, the desert. But I was too full! Why didn’t I take ten into my room? The stupidness.
We have some kind of Scandinavian flag? Oh, btw, that’s Southern Patagonia we see!
Karaoke time! Why not a Spanish song?

The Chinese Communists came back and sang their old songs.

“I love Xianjiang and Tibet, I love them! Peace, peace, peace, just get into the caaamp.”
“I love you, China. I love you, Chiiina!”

China is so much more than the Communist red flag with yellow stars. Hating the Chinese government is NOT hating China. It’s the other way around – the more you love China, the people, the language, the food – the more you hate their government. I love China! So therefore I hate Xi Jinping.

And then we get an Argentinian flag.

After party with the staff! I learned about museums and restaurants to visit in Santiago, Chile. It was so nice to meet you all! Good bye.

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