Party in Lima 2

All the insects biting me … this one is trying to elevate my thigh. I call it “The Elevator”. I live right next to the beach! But it’s like a hundred meters down and hard

All the insects biting me … this one is trying to elevate my thigh. I call it “The Elevator”.

I live right next to the beach!

But it’s like a hundred meters down and hard to get to 🙁

Is it capitalism’s fault? Or Jesus’?

I’m going to the central part of the city today, in the civilized way: BRT bus. 75 euro cents. We are passing all the damn cars in our own bus file! Lovely.

A shopping street.

There were quite some policemen out today, in riot gear. No riots though.

Maybe it has something to do with this parade? Election results came in yesterday. No party got more than 11%. The “Fujimorists” lost, and many new parties came in.

In this alley, you’re supposed to be able to buy postcards. It was closed and guarded though. I swallowed, and then went up there and asked about postcards. I had to show what I meant with various gestures, licking the stamps etc. Eventually, a woman came up to the grid and let me inside. From deep under her clothes, she withdrew a thick pack of postcards. I looked through them all, chose one, and then she disappeared, and they gently showed me back through the locked gate. That’s the weirdest purchase I’ve ever done. It’s like I wanted to lick the postcard to see if anything happened.

“Happy Cow” showed me to this vegan restaurant. It’s a Hare Krishna one! Hare hare krishna krishna krishna krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare. In the 1970s, they attracted quite some hippies, including my dad. He didn’t like them, said they were a “cult”. Well, I guess that’s the right term 🙂 I once visited the largest board game collector of Slovenia. His home was packed with board games, and Indian pictures. No alcohol, no coffee or even tea. I had to ask if he was a member of some organization and he said yes, Hare Krishna. He explained that every stick has two sides, a good and a bad, so if you pick up the good side, you’ll eventually also pick up the bad side. So because of this, you shouldn’t have any fun at all. I asked if having Slovenia’s largest board game collection wouldn’t come with an equally huge bad side that would hit him like a ton of concrete and he said “Yes, I’m afraid” 🙁

😀 😀 😀 Lovely family though!

As first dish I had the cassava root. I realized that I ate it in Cusco already. It tastes nothing, and contains nothing. It’s good if you’re almost starving and have nothing else to eat. I remember it mostly from Hans Rosling‘s investigations of African deaths. I didn’t die though (as apparent from this blog post).

The second dish looked like something I could have cooked myself! I wonder why having a hangover always makes me order pasta, despite how bad it is for your body compared to other carbohydrates.

Speaking of hangover, I also had Fernando’s number from yesterday, and asked for the cheapest bars in Barranco! He recommended three of them. Here I am at Bodega Piselli! Nice price for a huge Cusqueña negra and lovely olive sandwiches. But no Internet.

So I went to the second one, Juanito. A beer so big I could drown in it, but no internet.

They also made sandwiches!

The third place was La Noche. They had a tiny bit of internet, so I tried La Boteca, where there was internet, but no people, so I went back to La Noche. I spoke to a teacher of everything who complained about his wage. A teacher complaining about his wage! Somebody, call the United Nations!

I talked to a girl who worked in a nearby vegan restaurant. We talked a lot about beans, beans and beans, everything that makes life worth living. And then I found this gay group:

They gave me Pisco Sour and told me that no one knew if they were gay before they tried it. I said that I had tried it and that it didn’t work. They said “well, you have to try it with the right guy!”. I guess that neither Jonas nor Petter was the right guy. Maybe they were? But it got difficult as I polluted the bushes nearby and started looking for a taxi home. It gets so hard to tour all the cheapest bars of Barranco and look for the Internet. It simply does not make me the right guy. But there is a day tomorrow as well!

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