The country of Nothing

Paraguay is famous for nothing. Or the most famous part of it, is the disastrous war with Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina in the mid of the 19th century. Still 150 years later, you think and

This handsome cat male protects my hostel.

Paraguay is famous for nothing. Or the most famous part of it, is the disastrous war with Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina in the mid of the 19th century. Still 150 years later, you think and talk about this war. What happened was that Paraguay thought Brazil dominated too much, so they attacked, and ended up being more dominated by Brazil than ever. Most men died, the percentage goes from like 67 to 80% of all men in the whole country. So you had a very female country. I would love to live in such a place. A group of Communists came here from Australia, and started their own Communist paradise, but the groups of young women destroyed it with their sheer beauty. I looked at Communism a bit when young, but I also like girls better.

He is ready to kill anything.

So, what could Paraguay do to get famous among tourists? I think they should simply have parties. Like, huge parties that you never want to leave, that you talk to your friends with, that you upload pictures of. You pay once, and then everything is free. I talked about Vulcan’s new restaurant, that they could have it there. You pay once, and then there is drinks and food all night long. He could rent “fun people” to actually entertain the place with their looks and personalities. I’d go there! I might even pay 50 € per day for it, but maybe 20 € would suit the market better.

Random picture of Asuncion
Don’t drop your cellphone down here!

The streets of Asuncion were packed with holes of various kinds so you had to be careful when walking. And lots of deep shafts with wires and stuff inside.

For breakfast/lunch I had a “tarta” packed with green non-lettuce vegetables for one euro. So delicious! The food is already better than Brazil <3.

Then home to the protection of this gentleman.

In the toilet, a cockroach was eaten by ants. Can you imagine how much nutrition there is in one cockroach! I’ll eat a cockroach as soon as I find it served.

In the picture above, two super-small ants, that you don’t even see, are carrying a huge wing. Ants are so super-strong! If you were as strong as an ant compared to your weight, you’d be able to lift many cars. And you could throw them from a cliff if you felt like!

Painting of a farmer poisoning the soil. I’m not sure if he’s the hero or villain here.
Of course there is a cat woman too!
So black like my Santos.
I took so many pictures of her that the hostel thinks I’m a catolist.
Look at her teeth. I think she’d bite the male to pieces if they fought. But they don’t <3
Look how much they have eaten the cockroach now! So effective ants.
The French, the Turk and the Czech, all doing their specialties.
We went to “Pub Britannia” that had no electricity.
They still managed to prepare this huge sandwich with olives, mushrooms, tomatoes … mmh!

There are tons of Germans in Paraguay. Many people fled here after WWII to not get executed or simply hated by everyone. I love ethnic minorities and was considering going to a German town, but chose not too since I don’t speak any of the languages. But I went to “Die Mannschaft” (“The team”) in Paraguay to get a bit of the atmosphere. It was the recommendation of a great Paraguayan internet friend.

And what do I find there if not a Latvian historian, who is also obsessed with ethnic minorities! In the right of the image below (yes, electricity came and went so he looks a bit dark).

We talked a lot about the history of this place. He was also angry at Sweden for protecting poor countries all over the world, but doing nothing about Russia’s conquest of Latvia. I guess we learned long time ago to not mess with Russia.

And speaking of ethnic minorities, here is a Brazilian Latvian! There are tons of them in Brazil. Unfortunately, he turned out to be the worst homophobe that I ever met on this trip. About 50 species have homosexuals, but only one has homophobes, the humans. And above we have one of them! The idea of what other people are doing in their bedroom is disgusting him. I wanted to smash his face into pieces, but I’m too nice and didn’t do it. Instead I asked them to walk me back to my hostel, since I was a bit worried of all criminal-looking people standing on the street. And they did! That was very nice of them.

Sorry for the image – the bar was so dark that I used the flash.

But before going to bed, I checked in at Brittania. My friends were all gone, but I was invited to this birthday party! The lady on the right kept talking about how beautiful I was. Jesus, what a lovable country!

And here is the gay of the party! Friendly and looking for just a boyfriend to hold the hands of. It was great to meet him after the Latvian homophobe. He should not meet the two of us in a dark street 😉

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